3rd assignment

First Video: "Media Evolution":
During decades, the media has improved a lot. It starts in the time when news travelled all over the world carried by pigeons. Then, we see the first newspaper, and listen to the first radio broadcast. In 1936, the first television broadcast happens, which later develops into color broadcast. In 1994, the first newspaper website shows up, giving rise to the well known website "Google".

Second Video: "The Virtual Revolution 1 - The Great Leveling 1 of 4 - BBC":
This video tells us about the story of the web, a technological revolution and its influence in our world.
A journalist that studies the Web lets us know some conclusions about this topic.
Over people use the internet, and a lot of them use the website called "Wikipedia". Wikipedia is a world of information that "enables ordinary people to shake their knowledge together". Some people that are connected to it, for example Einar Kvaran, are contributors of Wikipedia. He has over 1000 articles that can be edited by anyone. When they edit something he will get a message, and if he disagrees, he can undo it.
We also get to know about the first Web community, the "Well”, created in 1985 in San Francisco (25 years ago). Without the "Well", the big communities such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube wouldn't exist.

Interesting quotes:
- Steve Wozniak: "It's like the internet have become a brain. It's the smartest brain in the world."
- Al Gore: "It is an empowering tool that has more potential than any other that human civilization has ever developed."
- Mark Zuckerberg: "The world is just gonna keep getting more and more open and there is gonna be more information about... Anything!"

2nd assignment

Drama at the cinemamurder-mystery-nights_crime_scene.jpg

Last Saturday, a terrible accident stunned CSI's cast. During its filming, an actress was shot and died.
During filming of CSI a fake gun was replaced by a real one. The main actress, Josephine Smith, ended up dying a few minutes after she got to St.Mark's hospital. According to FBI, the author of the crime is still unknown although a few witnesses confirm to have seen the film director and Josephine having a discussion in his office a day before the crime happened.
There are growing suspicions within the cast and no one trusts anybody. A scene of shock and tragedy stops CSI from being filmed.

1st assignment

What do you think of body art?

By: Eduarda, Beatriz and Anders D.

In our opinion, body art is a way of expression. Through it we can show who we are and make our personality stand out.
When someone is wearing a tattoo we don't think that the person is someone who just wants to be a rebel because even though there are people who just get tattoos because they want to seem cooler than what they really are, there are also people who make them for noble or important reasons. Such as remember a dear friend, say something to the world like approaching a cause or expressing their love by their idols and many others.
But of course there aren't only good reasons to make tattoos! Some of the most disturbing creations of body art were made during protests by humans' rights issues related to the Vietnam War and Watergate. There are even artists that did it through self-mutilation and self-flagellation.
Tattoos aren't the only type of Body art! It can be subdivided in a few other categories like Scarification and Scalpelling. Scarification consists of cutting the skin to make pictures or text with scars and Scalpelling is when someone decides to make a piercing in the ear or to make a hole in the ear lobe.


Tattoos can be done in lots of places from the usual and normal ones to the most weird and unexpected places, such as:
1. Lips;
2. Tongue;
3. Eyes.

Maybe people think it is ridiculous to hurt themselves just to have something like a tattoo, but actually it is just a personal decision, which we have to live with the rest of our lives!
No one should say that they think Body Art is wrong, ugly or even crazy. If a person decides to do it, then we have nothing to do with it! It's their decision and, if they think it is beautiful, it's completely fine and right!
There are lots of tattooists all over the world like Chris Burden, Hannah Aitchison, Ami James and of course, let's not forget the fantastic Kat Von D.
Chris Burden was born in 1946, in Boston, in the United States of America. Since the seventies, he created art on his own body. Therefore he was also assumed like one of the players of the move "Body Art" of United States. His first public presentation was in 1971. On his performance, he had tendencies like the most extreme and radical actions (almost suicidal). In this actions, Chris Burden subjected to situations of a lot of violence and impact on his own body.

Hannah Aitchison is an American tattooist from Chicago, Illinois. She’s well known for her appearance on LA Ink. Her pin-up work, portraits and vibrant colors made her famous all over the world. She also happens to be a singer in her free time.


Ami James is an Israel/American tattooist. Ami lived his childhood in Israel and Egypt and most of that time without a father. Ami was really into tattooing since very young. He moved to Israel in his teens and completed his military service of the Israel Defense Force.
When he was 15, he got his first tattoo, an experience that made him determinate to become a tattoo artist.
He is the big star of Miami Ink and has also recently invested in a jewelry line, Love Hate Choppers Jewelry.
Kat Von D first stood out in the show Miami Ink but her boss and friend Ami James fired her. Unhappy with the situation, she created her own show, which she called LA Ink. She dated Nikki Sixx, bassist and "owner" of the band Mötley Crüe, but recently decided to hang out with Sandra Bullock's ex. Famous for her memorial tattoos Kat Von D got to be known all over the world.


To conclude, as the title says itself Body Art is just art, so why should we be against it?!