Since always, every teenagers have their idols.
Those idols always influenced their way of living: the things they listen, the things they watch, or even the things they eat. I will talk about the way teenagers are influenced by their idols.

external image lady-gaga-carne-real-300.jpg
The singer: Lady Gaga

For example, who doesn’t remember the “power balance” that Cristiano Ronaldo used in the last World Football Championship, in South Africa? Since he used it, every teen bought one – or a lot of them, in every colors and styles.
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The football player: CristianoRonaldo
But there are more examples. One of them is Michael Jackson. In the 80´s every teenager had a leather jacket with metallic buttons. Meanwhile,in the 90´s everyone started to use large trousers and jerseys as the hip-hop artists.
 external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSSIhjluacK2uKxw0G0A1Pil6tjuCfQwwA2XzlQWC1Nw879E8fH_w
The singer: Michael Jackson
And what about today?
Now, Lady Gaga is in the top, every teenager are fascinated as she dresses:

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