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The body art consists of making an art on the Human body, it can be temporary or premanet.The most common procedures are the piercings and the tattoos, but it also comprehends the branding, scalpelling, body painting and even body modifications (like silicone breast enhancer)
We think it's okay to get a different hair color or get an earring because it defines our personality,and is also through this that we can express and pump out all contodos feelings within ourselves. but too much body art is an exaggeration and is also very
ugly. extreme_1.jpg

Like him!

Not only the fact that it dosen't favors us but some of the body arts can be very dangerous because it can give us health problems.

Our favourites tipes or body art are tattoos and piercings !!!

Tattoos ...

Tattooing is a permanent drawing done by inserting pigment into the skin layer. Many people get a tatto to show their personality.

The word tatto comes from the word "tahitisk" that means to mark something. Many people get a tatto because of their idols.
Angelina Jolie have some tattoos, but they aren't to big so they are fine, and the most importexternal image angelina-jolie-tattoos.jpgant is their meaning for her.She has a tattoo with the exact coordinates of the places where she adopted her children (at the upper right corner of the image). We think it's fantastic, because it can not be very pretty but is very significant for her !!! And some other tattos can have also an history, a memorie or a menssage of live to share with the world.

The tatto machine, is held in the hand and makes the tattoo needle going up and down. It moves 1000 times in 1 minute

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There is a new kind of tattos that we can only see in the dark. It's realy cool and we don't have to be worried if we can't use them in the work.
We think that some tattoos, are cool but they shall not be to big. We acctually think a tattoo is most nice if it just is a small and simple one. There has been much resistance of tattoing through the years but it has not stopped tattooing yet. Tattoos in the face is not legal in DK but many places in the world you can get a tatto in the face if you want to.

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The Piercings ...

Piercing is a kind of body art done by inserting a jewelry through a hole in the skin. Some people get a piercing to prove to some one that they are a nice people or because their idols have one. We think its okay with one or two in the nose or ear but 10 or more is crazy and unhealthy.
In 1991 some people found a 5000 years old mummy with piercings. It just says how long we have known the piercings. Many afrikan tribes have through the years used piercings as decorating.The most normal piercings are in ears, nose, eyebrows or in the navel. external image 2992400787_d4350b1616.jpg

So if you want to express your self with body art by doing a tattoo, a piercing , a body painting .... Please don't exaggerate, BE YOURSELF !!!!

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