Father kills his wife and children in their apartment

August 12

Saturday noon, a woman and two boys were identified by the police as Alice, Jared and David Garthner. The police sources say Alice was going out Friday. The boys were staying home with their father, Tommy Garthner. Neighbours heard angry voices, they stopped after Alice arrived. In the morning, when Tommy Garthner went to work, the neighbours wondered why Alice and the boys didn't show up. Tommy didn't come home. As the apartment began smelling bad, their neighbours immediately contacted the police. When the police arrived, they found the bodies of Alice, Jared and David. Each body had two bullets. The police are investigating the case and trying to find the whereabouts of the father.

By:José Rui, Ricardo and Amanda.

Teens' idols influence the way they dress!

By:Amanda, Ricardo and José Rui

Adolescence is a stage of human development that marks the transition from "childhood" to "adult age". This phase is characterized by physical, mental and social changes. All teenagers have their own style of dressing, but this is based on their idols like singers, dancers and others.

The clothing brands know that teenagers wear clothes like their idols. So, to sell their clothes they use famous people in advertising to capture the attention of teenagers. This is a way of selling clothes to teenagers who use clothes of famous people to get good impression on others.

When a clothing brand advertises clothes using a celebrity, probably they will push their parents to have what they want, although those clothes are not the cheapest! This cause some problems between the teenagers and their parents!!!

There are good influences and bad of course. We must opt the good influences. That´s not just good for us "teenagers" but to, for our parents.

I think it´s cool to have your own style. To have something that´s your own, something where nobody can tell you that you dress wrong. When you have your own style, you show your personality. You show the side of you, that your proud of. When I walk down the street I see people dress like each other.

Show our personality is good. Dress like other person? It seems that they have no personality, that they are no one and only imitate other people!

On the other hand, this influence is also good. If your idol is someone who dresses well and is like the teenager, so it's good because there are other things that influence teenagers!

In our opinion, the teenagers must to dress according with their style or personality! Dress is a way of expressing who we are so, we have to dress as what we are!! When we dress, we must not be shy to the point of thinking about what our friends think of what we do. We have to be original!!!

Many people dress like their idol, some do their hair like their idols! Here is some Lady Gaga fans...

And here is Lady Gaga...They look pretty much like her, because she is their idol.


I would never dress like that. Maybe that´s because I don´t like to be similar to other people. Of course I look at my friends, and look at the way they dress, but still I´d rather have my own style. The girls on the pictures believe that Lady Gaga is the coolest, if they didn't they would dress like her.

We need to choose "Our Style"!

To conclude, the teens' idols influence the way they dress,but there are very ways of our idols influence us!