7615817_5DsSV.pngThe burning house

Yesterday, 15th August, in Sydney, Australia, two kids (Tyler, 15 and Mary, 10) died on a fire accident.
Their parents went out for dinner and left their kids alone at home.
The police are still investigating this peculiar fire, but they think that the two children were asleep when the fire began. They didn't notice it, so they weren’t able to call the fire department or leave the house on time. Everything indicates that the oven was left on and caused the fire around 10 p.m. James and Elisabeth, Tyler and Mary's parents, arrived and saw their house burning, called the firemen, but it was too late. The firemen arrived at 11 p.m. and put out the fire, however the two kids were already dead.

2nd Assignment


Body Art

We have chosen this topic because our group think it's an interesting subject to discuss about.
There is a lot of interesting things about Body Art and it's a wide subject, for that reason we are just going to talk about the basics aspects of it.
Body Art makes you think that you changed your personality however what changed was the impression that other people have about you. People will perhaps think that you are crazy if you choose to carry around lots of piercings and a tatoo of a mouse on your forehead but maybe if you are that kind of person who have a low self esteem and you need to look stronger you may want to do something like that and use it in your favor.
For example, if the Queen of Denmark had peircings all over her face and body the citizents of Denmark would think that she was an incapable person to take her place in royalty, because a Queen needs to look professional so the people can take her seriosly.

We have also asked some people on the street what they think of body art.
  • Michael says:
I think that body art is very cool because a tattoo, a piercing or something else can show something about who you are.
I have a lot of tattoos and piercings.
My tattoos are important to me. I love them, and I will never be mad of them.
  • Renata says:
I'm in favor of body art and I like it.
I have one tattoo on my neck and one piercing on my nose although I want to do more tattoos.
However I think that people have to do them with conscience.
  • Maria says:
I don't agree with the people who like body art.
The ink that the person who make the tattoo use it's bad for your skin and also the condictions of hygiene normally are bad, so you can catch an infection more easly.
I will never have a friend who has the whole body cover with tattoos.
  • José says:
In my time body art didn't exist so it's everything new for me because I'm not young.
I hate people who are covered with tattos and piercings. It's ugly, similary to a monster.
  • Catarina says:
I don't like body art. I think it's ugly to have things written and drawn in your skin.
In my opinion it's bad because it's permenant and if you one day decide that you don't want that tatoo you will have to live with it!
  • Tomas says:
I love body art. I have a lot of tattoos but not so much piercings.
My tattoos mean the world to me because they represent the best moments of my life.
I want to do more tattoos but I think they have to be thought before you do them.

external image 21039298e7db8b1e74b962306cf2f805.jpgRenata's tattoo external image piercing-no-nariz-fotos-10.jpgRenata's piercing

We can conclude that people have different ideas about body art, some like it and other don't. Most of the people who like it are in favor of doing a tattoo with conscience and the tattoo needs to have a meaning because if some day you don't want it you can take it even though the progress it's painful and expensive. There are lots of people who think that a person with tattoos and piercings is a monster, which it's a wrong idea. However some people are a little bit to crazy about it.

Each person has a diferent opinion and vision of body art so we can't judge him/her before we know the person!