2nd Assignment

Magswill Newspaper

Magswill: Unattended children cause big fire

Yesterday, Sunday, May 3rd, in Magswill, a house burnt down because children were left unattended

Yesterday at 3pm Mr. and Mrs. Silver went to the supermarket and they left their children alone in the house. They were playing in the living room and twenty-five minutes later, the 14-year old child, who was taking care of his younger brother, got distracted. He pulled the curtains and they fell onto the fireplace causing a small fire. Unfortunately, they lived next to a gas station, and the fire expanded. The house was completely burnt down.

The neighbours called the firemen and the children survived. The damages will be covered by the family's insurance.


Made by:
Mariana Lino, Mariana, Sofie and Johanne

Our theme :

"Teens’ idols influence the way they dress"

Part I

The teenager.

We think that teens' idols have a big influence on the way we dress. Many teenagers looks up to their idols and want to look like them. Some teenagers may even change style because of their idols.

In the teenage years the body and brain goes through a big evolution.As teenager it's sometimes hard to be the one who stands out. If you stands out you can may get teased and no one wants that. We think that it's sometimes good to stands out, but for the teenagers it's easier, just to do what everybody else does. If they just dressed "normaly", they won't get teased. Then they choose to look like their idol or just a celebrity.

Part II

Carrie from Sex and the City.

Many teenagesgirls like us, Sofie and Johanne, looks up to Carrie from Sex and the City. We think she is very beautiful and she got a lot of nice clothes. She has a "walk-in-closet" filled with expensive and very pretty clothes. Many girls are dreaming of having a "walk-in-closet" like Carrie's.
The other three girl in Sex and the City is also very cool. We love when they are walking down the street with all their designer bags and nice clothes.
We think that Carrie is the most beautiful, because she wears the prettiest and finest clothers. What we also likes about her is her shoes. She has so many of them and every each of them are very nice.

This is Carrie from Sex and the City. We think she got the coollest clothes on this three pictures.

Part III

Musical idols.

Since Elvis time people start dressing the way he dressed because of the message of his songs and his dance that captured teenagers attention. Over the years, there was a tendency to copy idols style, in all kinds of music.

For example, in the 60's and 70's, appeared hippies and punks.
The hippies used big hair, vibrant colors, Indian-inspired clothing. We can say that they lived in the “Peace and Love” world.This could be an influence from: Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane and Led Zeppelin.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTUpEYfoL2x8AdaD2QDFrcHppjMj3CyhxdAaL4usYBAvRVRnjoGsg external image ThePinkFloyd.jpg external image led-zeppelin.jpg

This is Jimi hendrix, The pink Floyd and Ledd Zeppilin.

On the opposite side punks wear baggy clothes,more aggressive clothing, pins, chains and strong makeup. The bands, who influenced teenagers style were: New York Dolls, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, The Clash and among others...

external image g_newyorkdolls.jpg external image DeadBoys.jpg external image The+Clash.jpg

This is New York Dolls, Dead Boys, The Clash

Nowadays,people think in the same way:
This is James. He is 25 years.
His musicals influence is AC/DC and Rolling Stones.
This is his opinion about his idol have a influence on his clothes.

external image imagem-000001-006.jpg?w=300&h=188

"I have my idols as an influence, the music ends up serving as an inspiration to get dressed "

Part IV

Sport idols.

When a TV advert appears for male or even female clothes you're likely to see a popular sports star modelling the clothes.
The reason seems that sports stars have the body and a more important reason is the massive influence sports stars have on fashion.
Cristiano Ronaldo is a big sport star that influences teenagers. This is an advert to Armani underwear clothes.

The majority of footballs stars influence fashion and you often see young teenagers sporting shirts of their favourite footballers or trainers their football idols have advertised. Sports stars are modelling designer wear that influence the teenagers clothes.




This is Messi- Nike, Cristiano Ronaldo- Nike, Mourinho- watch.

Part V


The hairstyle of idols influences teenagers too.
Most of the time teens hairstyles are inspired by celebrities that they look up to. Teen celebrities have a big influence on the way a teen decides to do their hair, whether it is an actress, a favorite musician or a sport star.


This is Hilary Duff, Lady Gaga, Ashley Tisdale, Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry.

Work Done by:

Part I Johanne + Sofie
Part II Johanne + Sofie
Part III Mariana Martins
Part IV Marianna Lino
Part V Marianna Lino