2nd Assignment

Burning House

Last Friday a terrible fire destroyed the house of a 72-year old woman in London.
The woman, Mrs Stuart, was lighting a fire when the match fell onto the floor and the fire started.
Mrs. Stuart hopelessly tried to put the fire out but it quickly spread. She only had time to get out of the house in the clothes she was wearing.
Fortunately, she is out of danger but she got the fright of her life and she also became homeless.
At the moment Mrs. Stuart is at her daughter's waiting for a new house.


By: António, Line and Inês Lima


What do you think of body art?
In the last couple of years body art has been more and more popular. People get tattoos to remind them of something special, a person, religion or just because they think it is beautiful. Some people think piercings are beautiful and they have it all over their body. You can get a piercing in your tongue your belly or your ear. Some people even get pierced in the back, the foot or in the whole face.

When it comes to tattoos it`s not that good to have it in all your body because one day you may regret and you don´t want it anymore. Just one on your ankle, foot or shoulder it`s perfect.
If you regret your tattoo you can remove it with laser, but it is very expensive and it is not sure that you can remove it all.

external image tatuagem-margaridas.jpg external image tattoo-flores1.jpg external image tatuagens-pes-2.jpg

Some people have a wrong idea of tattoos. They think that people who have tattoos are very rebel, they do not respect anyone and besides that they believe that tattoos can bring diseases. But the truth is that after some time they also do one!

The same happens with piercings. You see a person full of piercings and you think that it doesn’t make him/her more or less pretty but as it is fashionable you start doing one, two, three...and you end up just like the people that you before thought were awful.
external image 20090731205428_95879_large_o-piercing-de-xuxa.jpg external image os-cuidados-que-se-deve-ter-com-o-piercing.jpg external image 102972.jpg

We have nothing against piercings and tattoos but we think that when a person decides to make one, she/he must think about disadvantages and also the consequences of having it.

Some years ago, having a tattoo or a body piercing wasn't as normal as it is nowadays, so, the people who had them were kind of excluded from the society, like if they lived in an unknown world. It was, according to older generations, a way of self affirmation and, right away, it was extremely ugly. Now, we know that the tattoos may not be made in that way, but in other ways. Anyway, although all this evolution, you still don't see an officer or a politique with a tattoo or a piercing.

Work done by: Inês Lima, António and Line