Woman was murdered in a hotel in New York!

Yesterday, 4th July, at midday in New York, the police got a call from Mr. White. Mr. White had found his wife dead on their bathroom floor. She was shot in the head. The authorities think that the woman, Mrs. White, might have fallen out of the bathtub and stayed there until found but what happened exactly is still not known, so investigations will be held until the autopsy results are presented.
The woman's body in the scene of the crime


Body art

Body art can be beautiful and nice, but can be also dangerous for our healthy. Some people have some insane piercing, an example the one piercing is in your uvula or a very big ring in your ear. Most of teenagers do piercings because their friends also do this and then they want to do this again and again.
One reason for people have piercings and tatoos is the fact of they want to have something that is their own thing and different from of the others have, and one of that things is the body art!


The design of tattoos varies from person to person and express their identy or character .

Miami Ink Kat Von D
Miami Ink Kat Von D

For e.g. Kate Von D started to do tattoos because when she was little her friends were really crazy and she learned to be crazy too. When her dad died she tattoos his face in her arm and since then she has got lots of tattoos. Now a days she is the owner the one of the most important tattooists in the world.
Many people get a picture of their kids or their kids name tottoos on their bodies, i think that its one of the most popular tatto. Tatto can be more than just some calour on you body, a tatto can mean something. Tatto is not something new in the world, its has been a tradition in the Eurasian culture since Neolithic. People has also found mummies with tattoos. The Maori had also alot of tattos, maybe to show their rank in the group. the Maori had tattoos in their faces. But in Denmark is tattoos in faces illegal. but in USA can u have a tatto in your face.

Cosmeti surgeries:

Other type of body art are the cosmetic surgeries.It is very fashionable nowadays, since people can change something in their bodies they dislike, like their nose, their chest, their legs,... This type of body art can be also dangerous and it can bring some diseases to people.In one hand, there are some people that make these kind of surgeries because they were influenced by the fashion,by the society to be recognized or to become famous, by someone in their family or a close friend .In the other hand, there are people that make these surgeries to look better.And, in other hand, there's a group that I agree whit, this type of body art if it doesn't damage people's health.

Some e.g.:

gisele_1.jpg 00cirurgias-plasticas-porto-alegre-1.jpg 0,,18568510-FMM,00.jpg pppp.jpeg


The piercings are something that, in my opinion, mark the personality of the person. Nowadays, who use more piercings are the teens.They like to put the piercings in the face(normally in the tongue, in the nose,...), in the navel and so on...

Some e.g.:

extreme_piercings_female-corset-piercing.jpgdraft_lens3137162module30910242photo_1241280378Weird_Piercings_9.jpg bebe.jpeg

In conclusion, we can say that the body art is very complex and an amazing art that can enhance the appearance of the person that made that tatto, piercing or surgerie... We also can say that body art can be very dangerous for our health, and sometimes drive us to death.


Work done by:

Daniela, Carla Sofia, Magnus and Mikkel.