2nd assignment

A Burning House in Manchester

Two deaths and great destruction in yesterday's fire

Yesterday, a house fire in Manchester's area (England), caused two deaths and great destruction.The fire was so fierce that the firefighters had many difficulties in fighting the fire. It was out of control for four hours but it is now under control.

burning house in Manchester

The fire started at 4.30 am while the occupants were sleeping. According to the authorities, the fire appears to have begun in the kitchen, because of leaking gas. A child and his mother died. The father and the daugther escaped the fire, and called the firefighters. They suffered minor injuries and smoke inhalation and they were taken to the local hospital to be treated.

1st assignment

Teens� idols influence the way they dress.

The objective of this assignment is to discuss the subject �Teens� idols influence the way they dress�. In this text we are going to give our opinions based on readings and web research and to present some examples from different areas: music, sport, tv and so on. And then write about how these people have influence with their hair and the way they dress.

A teen idol is someone, usually a young person, who is very popular among teenagers. Usually they are pop singers or music groups, but they can also be actors from movies or television, sports people,for example, a football player or a wrestling superstar.Teenagers feel attracted by their idols and their fashion is highly influenced by their idols: hair style, clothing or the whole looking.Although now it has become a global phenomenon, teen idol is something relatively recent that appear in the 20th century with cinema, later with the television and, nowadays with the internet.
Now we are going to give some examples to illustrate this.

One of the first teen idols from the music world was Elvis Presley, a rock star in 50's.
He was America�s first real rock star and was one of the country�s most popular singers. In performing his music, Presley he become a role model for generations of young rebels and everyone wanted to dress like Elvis.Over the years, many people, both men and women, have copied his look.

In the 60,s, the British group Beatles becomes the greatest popular group of all-time. Their songs and images with ideas of love (all you need is love), peace, help (a little help from a friend), attracted millions of young people that adopted their famous hair style (bowl cuts) and black suits.
More recently, Miley Cyrus, a singer and actress of disney chanel, is one of the biggest teen stars of our times. Her fashion is imitated by millions of teen girls all over the world, including not only her dresses and skirts, but also, her long and wavy hair, accesories such as, belts, boots, necklaces, bracelets and hearring, sun glasses, etc.
On the other hand, boys tend to follow idols from sports, imitating their hair style and clothes, for example David Beckam and Cristiano Ronaldo, football players.


Today, in the era of internet and globalization idols have been treated has commercial products that can sell very well, since the market has become enormous and their fashion (not only clothes but the whole look) is copied by their fans.

We think teens should not try to imitate idols that do not have a positive role. They should use idols fashion in a intelligent way selecting only those aspects that are more appropriated for them.

by Pedro,Reni,Rui