2nd assignment

Dead body found

Yesterday by eight o’clock the police received an anonymous call. They immediately went to the location and found a dead body.
The police found a young woman and her body was so injured that they weren't able to identify her. “When we received the call, we thought that it could be a prank but when we arrived to the local, we saw the corpse.“, a police officer said.
There were no witnesses, but the police believes it was a murder. Investigations are going to continue until the murderer, the identity of the woman and possible reasons leadind to this case are found.


Body Art

Body art is for example tattoos, piercings. Body art is a way to express, to characterize ourselves and to show how we feel.

Some people considerate it an art because its a form to be creative and different but this art is painted in our bodies so we need to be sure of what we want to put on it.

This art can cause problems finding a job, can be bad to our health and then it can be ridiculous if we cover our body with tattoos and/or piercings. Some people just use it to stand out or to make part of a society.


The tattoos are a really old art. It is dated from over than 3500 years ago, and it was created by the ancient tribes that tattooed their bodies

images.jpgto express themselves as an individual and as a tribe. They painted a tattoo to mark facts of their living. Later it became a way to be a rebel, but now is way to express the way we are, the way we feel as well as the way we remember someone or something.


Body piercing is a form of body transformation and it's normally seen on ears, lips and nose but it can be seen too, on other parts of our body. It can be a way to show off your religion or just to be a rebel. It is a really old art like tattoos however they are different because piercings can't transmit our feelings.


Here is an example of piercings.

external image body_art_7.jpg

This is an example of Tattoos.

Therefore body art can show who and how we are but it can make us ridiculous and with the worst look in the world, consequently if we don't like our tattoo it can make us feel bad because we can't remove it.